The Wing of the Aerospace Medical Association was formed in 1952 to support the specialty of aviation, aerospace and environmental medicine, and to promote and increase sociability among the members of AsMA and their families.

Membership in the Wing is open to all spouses, domestic partners and adult family members of Aerospace Medical Association members. 

It's a Wing Thing

Our Welcome Reception is included in your conference registration, your chance to greet old friends and meet new ones -- a Wing Thing.

Our top-notch tours -- a Wing Thing.

Our newsletters, Facebook page, and directory, packed with member and meeting news -- a Wing Thing.

Our name tag gets you into AsMA exhibits -- a Wing Thing.

Connecting with people who share your interest in aviation and space medicine -- a Wing Thing.

Friends that last a lifetime -- the best Wing Thing of all.   

Join the Wing of AsMA today!

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Enjoying a Wing tour of the 
Dallas Arboretum, May 2018.

The Wing of the Aerospace Medical Association​