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Member Dues & Registration
Registration and Welcome Reception $40
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Conference Registration and Wing Reception ($40) 
Reception is Monday, May 22, 2:30-4:30 PM

Registration includes the Wing Welcome Reception, Wing hospitality room, and access to AsMA exhibits, etc.  

Note:  Registration is mandatory for participation in Wing activities.

The Welcome Reception will be in the Grand Couteau Room (5th Floor of the Sheraton).

Remember to bring a small gift reminiscent of your home city, state or country for the gift exchange and please include a short note letting the recipient know who/where the gift is from. New members and first-time attendees don’t
bring a gift as we are very happy to welcome you to THE WING!

Annual Wing Dues $40

Grand Couteau Room

Registration Hours:
Sunday, May 21: 1-5 PM
Monday, May 22: 10 AM-1:30 PM

Hospitality Room Hours:
Sunday: 1-5 PM 
Monday: 10 AM-1:30 PM

2022 Wing Dues ($40)
Membership dues for 2023.  Your membership dues allow us to continue to our mission. 

Click here to review your order and pay with credit card or PayPal 
or complete the form below and mail your check (US $) to the Wing Treasurer.  
Tuesday Tour Options:

Tuesday, May 23, 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM (Meet in Lobby at 8:15 AM)

High Speed Airboat Tour $75


Tuesday, May 23, 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM (Meet in the Lobby at 8:15 AM)

Swamp Boat Tour $55 


Tuesday, May 23, 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM (Meet in Lobby at 9:30 AM)
Self-Guided St. Charles Streetcar Tour
Pay as you go.  (Registration will allow us to get a count of those interested, but Paypal requires $0.01 as a minimum price for transaction.)
High Speed Airboat $75
Wing Cooking Class and Annual Business Meeting ($50)
Wednesday, May 24, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM (Meet in Lobby @ 9:30 AM)
At the New Orleans School of Cooking we’ll enjoy a demonstration class where we will “Watch – Learn – Eat”. The lesson and meal includes: starter, entrée and dessert. Our business meeting will be conducted during dessert.
Mardi Gras Museum & Mask Making Class ($65)
Thursday, May 26, 9:00 AM - Noon

See what goes on behind the scenes at Mardi Gras World and learn how to create your own mask!
Note:   No refunds will be given after May 1.

Streetcar Tour
Before making your choices below, please check out important details on our tours and bruncheon/cooking class.  Click here or open this file for more information.  Event details are on pages 2 and 3.
Mardi Gras World is sold out!!  If you would like to be on a waitlist, please email the Wing with your interest and contact information.  
[email protected]
Cooking Class/Business Meeting is sold out.   
If you would like to be on a waitlist, please email the Wing with your interest and contact information. We are trying to get extra slots available for this event. 
[email protected]
Swamp Boat Tour is full.   There are a few seats on the High Speed Airboat available, but act quickly if you are interested.  We have a waitlist for any openings on the Swamp Boat Tour.  Email your interest and contact information to 
[email protected].