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Wing Board 2020 - 2021

Elected Officers:
President - Carrie Davis
1st VP - Sandy Vanderploeg
2nd VP - Liz Fox
Secretary - Lisa Véronneau
Treasurer - Brenda Clinton

Board Members at Large:

Melinda Kaye Brandt
Els Salisbury
Debbie Tripp
Peggy Trumbo
Debra Anzalone

Standing Committees:
Membership - Yalonda Silberman
Adv. Reg. - Liz Fox
Registration - Jackie Bohnker 
Arrangements -  Carrie Davis and Sandy                          Vanderploeg
Resolutions - Judy Waring
Parliamentarian - Judy Waring
Assistant Parliamentarian - Deb Altchuler
Nominating - Yalonda Silberman
AsMA Liaison - Peggy Trumbo
Website - Fran Laue